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Completed Projects


  Reupholstering seats on a 1969 Jaguar E Type…
1958 Vespa 400 came in for brake job, various leaks, tune up etc...
  Changing the dashboard on a 1973 SM plus some electrical problems and spheres rebuilt.
  Swapping engine on "Babette"
  Maintenance and repair on a 2CV Charleston: King pins, hub bearings, drive shaft, breather rebuild, fuel gauge and brake line.
  Replacement of a Citroen alternator with a GM internal regulator type alternator on a 1971 Citroen DS21.
  7 cylinders were running on this 1965 Ford Galaxy 500 (390 cid). After opening up the engine; a bad valve seat was the culprit.
  "Octopus" replacement (Hydraulic return lines) on a Citroen BX 16 RS.
2CV Charleston with a broken gear box  

  PhilCaron's Jerry 2CV album on Photobucket

2CV Charleston named "Lulu" with some brakes, vapor lock and other small issues  
PhilCaron's Citroen SM hydraulic pump album on Photobucket
Broken axle inside a HP pump on a SM. Very rare event
This is a 1969 Jaguar XKE Series 2 2+2 with a 4.2 liter straight 6 cylinders. Two valves were burned as well as the head gasket
PhilCaron's 1973 Citroen SM George album on Photobucket


I have revived a 1973 SM Automatic equipped with a 3 litter Maserati engine. She did not run since 1984. Engine was seized with a broken valve, broken guide, two bad seats and bad bearings. After all the work, the starter failed when trying to start the engine. The client pulled the plug on the project

I am reviving a 1971 DS21 Pallas French market from Vancouver, BC. Her new home is here in Connecticut
This is a CX Prestige with a lot of hydraulic and electrical issues

I have to change the 2nd/3rd gear synchromesh on this 2CV6.

I've used to do blogs using Google but they changed the interface and it is painful to use, so I am switching to Photobucket where I can still put captions and info on each picture.

I do this to keep the client informed and for references later down the raod.

Enjoy if you are interested!

The pictures on the left are displayed ramdomly; to see them in order CLICK HERE.


Jaguar XJ6

Front end work and some undercarriage rust repair.

Delivered for now but will come back for a rustproofing job.

Underwater SM

Working on the rear bearings


Reviving a 1973 SM Automatic

1970 DSpecial, bought in Indiana by a Connecticut resident


1966 DS21 Grand Route. Spheres, brake accumulator and rear brake job

My 1969 DS21

Chasing leaks on a 1972 DS21 BVH

Hydro shifter, CRC, boot etc... '72 DS21

This car came in originally because the engine would stop running after 15 mn or so. There are also multiple leaks and the first gear jump out of gear and grinds...

Reviving a '73 Citroën SM Automatique

Major hydraulic leaks on the braking system due to rodents

Troubleshooting a DS21 IE

The electronic injection system was floating 2 cylinders; so bad that raw gas was coming out from the exhaust! She purrs like a kitten now

1966 2cv

Beautiful car but the brakes were on the verge to fail!

Reviving a DS21, dead for 27 years!

Another beautiful car; she is back on the raod now

Leaky Deuche

This Argentinean Deuche was smoking a lot and had no power. The engine had to be rebuilt

Reviving a 1973 Citroen SM

This SM was stopped for 16 years. It is powered by a 3 liter Maserati engine. I had a bad surprise when I removed the oil pan and had to rebuild the engine. She is powerful and on the road now

1955 Traction Avant 11BL

Beautiful car with some brake problems. She is for sale by the way

Making one DS out of two

These 2 DS were stored for over 20 years. The white one is on the road now; the other one went to DS Heaven

Reviving a 1963 Daimler SP250

Very cool car. She needed more work than expected

Conversion of a 1967 D from silicone fluid to LHM

A beautiful rust free '67 wagon. She ran on silicone fluid which ruined the hydraulic system. Now she is a rare US D wagon running on LHM

3 liter Maserati rebuild for a 1972 SM

Another story of a broken valve. Some extensive damage was done when th valve got stuck between the piston and the head...

Restoration of a 1967 DS21 Cabriolet Usine Export.

The story of the restauration of a US Export cabriolet usine, back to her original color...

My 1957 DS19



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